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Les Meilleurs Logiciels de Recouvrement en 2024 : Guide Complet

Introduction à l’Importance du Recouvrement dans la Gestion d’Entreprise Dans le monde des affaires en 2024, une gestion efficace du recouvrement est cruciale pour garantir la santé financière…

appvizer recouvrement

Appvizer Top 5 best collection software : Aston iTF Cash Collection

Are you looking for a debt collection software? Aston iTF and its platform Aston Cash collection is one of the 5 best software available on the market

credit manager

The best collection software in 2022

The best collection software in 2022 Why use a collection software? It is essential to use credit management and debt collection software to improve your company’s cash flow.…

Collection software: why use one?

Collection software: why use one? To facilitate the life of your company and finally have invoices paid on time. Source : …

logiciel de recouvrement

Debt collection software: how to choose?

What is debt collection software? Today, the management of unpaid invoices to be dunned is a time-consuming task: dunning emails, registered letters, phone calls… A lot of tedious…

Payment terms

Payment deadlines are a hot topic right now. However, there are optimization solutions for the credit manager, in particular thanks to the advances of the most recent technological platforms for receivables recovery.

ASTON iTF celebrates its 10th anniversary

The year 2021 has a special flavor for ASTON iTF. For the past 10 years, as a leader in Fintech, we have been developing software platforms to optimize receivables using


Aston iTF and Le Nouvel Économiste: Diplomatic debt collection

This is how software for dunning and collection of receivables came into being. These platforms are primarily for small claims and are reserved for SMEs and VSEs that do not master the mechanics of debt collection. However, the collection software developed for the digital credit manager by Aston iTF allows to support the collection managers of companies of any size (PRO, VSE, SME, large groups).

ASTON iTF, collection software now available online on the Microsoft Marketplace.

For the first time in the world of collection software, the company can benefit from a “freemium” offer, i.e. instant use of the software with a free month’s trial with no commitment. No more long IT integration processes thanks to SaaS and Cloud for immediate use. ASTON iTF software in SaaS mode runs on Microsoft Azure. It can be implemented quickly, allowing for a simple and 100% digital customer experience. Available from 45 €/month/user on the market place.