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Why choose Aston ITF software

Aston ITF is a solution that facilitates the daily life of credit managers, collection officers and supports financial and administrative directors in their decision making.
Aston ITF provides dunning, campaign management, litigation and pre-litigation management, risk management, a chatbot and a multidimensional analysis tool.

Who is the Aston ITF offer for?

Aston ITF is an adaptive and scalable solution that addresses all types and sizes of companies (VSE, SMB and ETI) and evolves with their needs. It perfectly meets the needs of financial departments, credit management and treasury departments. Therefore, Aston ITF is aimed at all companies that wish to set up, optimize or professionalize their credit management.

With which ERP is the solution connected?

The CRM software is connected to any software package or ERP on the market without restriction.

How does Aston Itf save me time?

The productivity gains are irrefutable: On average, our clients automate 80% of their collection and customer reminder processes. All time-consuming and repetitive tasks will be managed by Aston ITF, freeing up employees’ time to focus on high value-added missions, in line with the CASH strategy.

Is it possible to customize the tool?

Aston ITF is a fully customizable solution, from its dashboard and screens, which are fully customizable according to the needs of different users, to the different dunning scenarios.

How can I measure my ROI?

Aston ITF natively offers you customer tracking indicators, such as DSO and a predictive collection behavior. Your payment term can be reduced by at least three days, thanks to the optimization of your processes.

With up to 80% automation of your collection and dunning process customers, all time-consuming and repetitive tasks will be managed by Aston ITF, freeing up your staff’s time and providing a considerable FTE gain.

With Aston ITF your customer relationship will be at the heart of your collection and litigation management. Therefore, with a smarter dunning process based on your customer’s behavior, you will see a 30% to 25% decrease in your failure rate.

What is required to set up a user station?

Internet access and nothing else.

Qui gère la plateforme, la maintenance, les mises à jour ?

Our services are offered in the form of SaaS (“Software as a Services”) including all the services of provision and maintenance. You always benefit from the latest updates, functional and technical novelties, without any intervention from you.

Mes données sont-elles sécurisées et sauvegardées ?

Yes, your data is secured and backed up according to the highest international standards (ISO/CEI 27001) and is regularly audited. These guarantee the integrity, availability and protection of your information against loss or alteration.

Quel est le prix de la plateforme ?

We have several subscriptions depending on your volume and your annual turnover. Payment is either annual or monthly depending on the plan. Our SaaS operation allows you to benefit from all updates at no additional cost.

  1. How quickly can the solution be operational in your company?

The platform opens immediately and you can start using it right away by setting up and customizing your platform.

Les solutions Aston iTF sont-elles disponibles en plusieurs langues ?

Our solutions are available in French and English. More languages to come

Comment faire si on rencontre des difficultés avec l’utilisation des solutions d’Aston iTF ?

For a maximum reactivity, Aston iTF has set up a support service dedicated to its customers

  • a personalized service thanks to a thorough knowledge of your history and your environment
  • 24/7 online access to answer your questions
  • a support box at your disposal to ask all your questions
  • training included in all new contracts to help you learn how to use our tools.

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