ASTON iTF Cash Collection TPE

ASTON iTF Cash Collection

Billing is good.

Cashing in is better!

Today it is not enough to invoice to be paid.

You have to follow up on your invoices, diplomatically follow them up, while preserving your customer relationship.

Focus on your business relationship.

Your platform takes care of ensuring and speeding up your collections with confidence!

Increase your cash flow

1/ Automatically send your customer invoices on time

2/ Automatically pre-remind your customers before the due date to remind them of their upcoming payment

3/ Automate the dunning of your customer invoices

4/ Collect your payments by offering online payment to your customers



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“With ASTON iTF Cash Collection, it is easy to invoice, diplomatically follow up and get paid quickly.and get paid quickly.”

Collection with an online payment link

⊙ Get paid faster and save your customers time with an online settlement link. Your customers can pay you in one click by bank transfer, CB or SEPA direct debit
⊙ Increase your customer’s satisfaction by offering them split payment in three, four or ten times
⊙ You are paid immediately with zero risk, 100% of the invoice amount being guaranteed by our services, granting an increase in your turnover of 20% on average

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“The online payment links by cb or wire transfer are a plus for our customers, and on our end we get paid faster. Fast and efficient!”

Software available online

⊙ 100% Cloud and 100% SaaS software
⊙ One-click online registration
⊙ Uploading your invoices online with or without accounting software
⊙ Carry out your first dunning actions upon enrollment

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“The use is simple and fast. I save a lot of timeand devote myself to my business. And my clients appreciate the transparency of our relationship.”