About us

About us

Aston ITF : Fintech 100% SaaS -Cloud -BI -AI

Founded in 2011, ASTON iTF, voted Fintech of the Year 2015, has revolutionized the credit management market in ten years by offering a powerful, simple, complete and innovative platform. ASTON iTF platforms benefit from 10 years of continuous technological development and an internal R&D department dedicated to digital services.

Thus, the platforms developed are based on the most recent technologies with permanent updates. You always have the latest updates.

Aston ITF

ASTON iTF is the SaaS software editor that will allow you to optimize your debt collection, your credit management, to analyze your performance and customer risk in real time and to support your teams in the digital transition. With more than 230,000 companies dunned daily, ASTON iTF is one of the leaders in its market: debt collection and optimization of receivables. Thanks to an intuitive platform, ASTON iTF meets a specific need of companies: more cash in less time.

In just a few clicks, connect to your space, upload your invoices and dun your customers without delay via scenarios in line with your dunning policy.

Using Aston Cash Collection means using a SaaS platform that has been designed first and foremost for the end user with the objective of simplifying the entire dunning process. In our platforms you will find all the key functionalities that have proven their worth in the satisfaction of our customers, which remains our top priority.

ASTON iTF is the 1st European FINTECH platform created in 2011 offering :


  • ASTON CASH COLLECTION: SaaS software for collection of customer invoices and credit management.
  • ASTON iTS : SaaS white label factoring software for banks and factors : invoice financing and invoice discounting.
  • ASTON iTSF : SaaS Supply Chain software. Optimization and/or financing of the supplier item.
  • ASTON iTI : SaaS credit insurance software
  • ASTON Outsourcing : You wish to outsource your customer or supplier accounts. Temporary or long-term missions. Our teams of experts take charge of the mission while respecting your current processes. Advice, reactivity, deadlines, ROI are our values.

Technological innovation and service.


At the heart of our DNA

  • Cloud platforms, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to automate customer dunning and collection, manage your suppliers, analyze your performance and risk in real time and support your finance, accounting and credit management teams in their digital transformation.
  • Outsourcing services for accounts receivable and/or payable to teams of experts who are immediately available.

ASTON iTF platforms benefit from 7 years of technological development

and an in-house R&D department dedicated to digital

ASTON iTF platforms are based on the latest technologies with permanent updates.
You no longer have the risk of obsolescence or major upgrades and migration.


100% SaaS -Cloud – Pay as you use “all included” service platforms:
⊙ License
⊙ Maintenance
⊙ Versioning
⊙ A customizable platform

Big Data

⊙ Data visualization
⊙ Dashboards
⊙ Reporting
⊙ Consolidation
⊙ Real Time
⊙ Customized by users

Cloud Computing

⊙ 100% Cloud outsourced hosting (in partnership with Microsoft Azure).
⊙ No IT development required
⊙ Full web online solution
⊙ ISO 27 001 security
⊙ Backup, Privacy, Scalability, Reversibility


⊙ Robotic dunning and collection.
⊙ Dynamic client portfolios
⊙ Self-adapting agenda for your collection officers
⊙ Predictive scoring of your customers’ payment behavior.
⊙ Complete order to cash cycle from order taking to payment