Automated reminders

your customer reminders

Forget about Excel! Use our reminder system to set up
personalized reminders to each of your customers, and charge by the hour

Plan your customer reminders

Have an agenda of your tasks and priorities for customer reminders with Aston iTF Cash Collection

⊙ Create one or more stimulus plans
⊙ Customize each step of your stimulus plan
⊙ Use our ready-to-use templates


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“I appreciate its ergonomics and its very visual and relevant dashboards. The plus: the monitoring of the overall DSO and by client.”

Camille S.
Chief Financial Officer

Camille S.

Automation of customer reminders

Define your follow-up actions to
never forget an unpaid bill again

⊙ Graduated and customized dunning plans.
⊙ Different channels of dunning: email, phone, mail.
⊙ PDF invoice attached
⊙ Automatable pre-maturity notification

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“The automation of dunning has allowed us to significantly increase our collection rate very quickly.

Jérémie H.
Contrôleur de gestion

Jérémie H.

Personalize your customer reminders

Personalized and graduated content maximizes recovery while preserving the customer relationship

⊙ Notify your customers of upcoming deadlines
⊙ Tailor your message based on the delay in payment
⊙ Use different channels: email, phone, simple and registered mail


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Aston Itf has allowed us to significantly reduce the number of unpaid invoices as well as the payment delay.

Emmanuel P.

Emmanuel P.