Credit management

Credit risk

Control your risk by gaining insight into key KPIs

Track and customize your disputes with a brand new management module

Recognized by the leaders in credit management to manage diversified global portfolios

Litigation follow-up

Track and customize your disputes with a brand new dispute management module:

⊙ Categorize and classify all your disputes.
⊙ Trace them with a collaborative workflow
⊙ Accelerate dispute resolution with the action timeline
⊙ Each action is dated with an action manager
⊙ Find the analysis of your disputes in our dashboards
⊙ Evolve your processes by understanding the most common causes of disputes


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DSO follow-up

Improve your cash flow by reducing your DSO

⊙ Analyze and compare your DSO and BPDSO.
⊙ Quickly measure areas of improvement on a given set of debtors
⊙ Reduce your payment times and DSO.
⊙ Gain productivity quickly
⊙ Take advantage of a consolidated view of outstanding customers, customers to be dunned, disputes

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Customer Scoring

Analyze your customer risk with our intelligent predictive scoring:

⊙ The payment behavior scoring of each of your customers as well as its evolution over time
⊙ Analyze the risk, share it across the enterprise
⊙ Match the right automatic dunning strategy to the level of risk
⊙ All your customer information in one place
⊙ Key indicators to immediately visualize the customer situation


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Geographic cross-referencing of revenues and credit risk

⊙ Consolidate all information in one place
⊙ Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, geographical area, customer portfolio, …)
⊙ Benefit from a 360° consolidated view of your receivables


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