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Supply Chain Digitalization

The ASTON iTF solution for scanning and dematerializing your supplier invoices allows you to automate and secure your manual supplier invoice processing tasks

Digitization of your supplier invoices

Paper, e-mail, EDI, PDF…

Archiving and certification

Securely store your supplier invoices

Data extraction

Automatic generation of files for your accounting and ERP systems

Digitalize your Procure to Pay processes

Dematerialize and digitize your supplier invoices received in any format: paper, pdf, electronic, by mail, email…

Digitize your multi-channel flows, store your invoices, generate file exports for your ERP or accounting systems.
Allowing the deletion of back logs or history, the follow-up in real time of your suppliers and a payment in time and hour.
Generate reliable dashboards in real time: aged balance, top 20 suppliers, risk concentration…
Reduce your processing costs by an average of 60%.

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“I have a much clearer view of my outstanding payments.”

Camille S.
Chief Financial Officer

Camille S.

Prepare for the transition to mandatory BtoB electronic invoicing from 2024

Invoices (B2B) will have to be dematerialized in July 2024, following the obligation of dematerialization of invoices to public administrations. Article 153 of the Finance Act 2020 provides for the obligation of electronic invoicing to the BtoB flow. Companies will be obliged to accept invoices in electronic format.

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Aston Itf has allowed us to significantly reduce the number of unpaid invoices as well as the payment delay.

Emmanuel P.

Emmanuel P.

Why digitize the financial management of your suppliers?

Automated management of your supplier invoices improves your accounting and financial processes, with a high-performance technological processing service for your supplier invoices and recognized business know-how.


ASTON iTF Supply Chain

⊙ The platform that allows you to optimize your supplier position.
⊙ Scanning. Dematerialization of supplier invoices. Procure to Pay. Supply Chain Funding.
⊙ Control your supplier payment times.
⊙ Automate your processes.
⊙ Avoid legal and compliance risk.
⊙ For more supplier satisfaction.

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