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Improving DSO and automating dunning – BUFAB’s feedback

Text transcript from Christophe Reynaud, Credit Manager at BUFAB for 3 years.

Hello, Christophe Reynaud, I’ve been a credit manager at BUFAB France for three years now. I’m in charge of the management of our receivables and in particular of securing our turnover.

Why did you choose Credit Power – Aston iTF?

We found that this solution was adapted to our needs. We are currently working on a Swedish ERP system which requires a lot of work in terms of data extraction. The Aston solution has brought us a gain in DSO today. We have automated many tasks which now allow us to save 25 days. Since the start of Aston, we have carried out 4000 actions.

How did the implementation of the platform go?

 The implementation of the platform with the Aston teams went very well. First of all, there was an audit by the teams. They came to see and probe the client’s workstation a little. Then, a set of specifications was drawn up and we took the necessary actions to be able to start as soon as possible within Credit Power.

What gains have you made in your daily life thanks to Credit Power and Aston iTF?

Thanks to Credit Power today, we save time, particularly in terms of automating the actions that have been created via scenarios. So today we are on a typical 7-hour day. Managing a reminder via email takes 2/3 minutes. A letter takes us 5 minutes. So, we are on an annual saving of 25 days. These are the figures as of today.

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