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Appvizer Top 5 best collection software : Aston iTF Cash Collection

Appvizer Top 5 best collection software : Aston iTF Cash Collection

Many experts agree that late payments and non-payments are the number one cause of business failure. A problem not to be taken lightly!

Fortunately, this is not an inevitable problem. With a solid accounts receivable tracking and dunning process, there is a good chance you will get your money back quickly.

But this process takes a lot of time, while CFOs and other billing managers have other things to worry about. Hence the interest in using a collection software. The result: more cash in your treasury and increased productivity.

The question: how to sort out all the software on the market?

The Appvizer site has selected 5 software programs via a precise list of criteria:

A good collection software must, at a minimum, include some essential features.

The tools in this comparison therefore generally include :

  • seamless integration of your billing data,
  • monitoring of receivables and outstanding amounts,
  • dashboards to analyze various indicators, including DSO,
  • automation of invoice reminders,
  • The personalization of these reminders, thanks in particular to the development of various scenarios,
  • online payment, etc.

But because every company is different, due to its size, structure and the nature of its activities, some platforms go further.

For example, some of the software mentioned will take into account :

  • the Credit Management which is intended, among other things, to reduce the customer risk upstream of contract signature (analysis of potential weaknesses, scoring system, etc.);
  • the needs of organizations operatinginternationally;
  • or the dematerialization of the order to cash .

Our Aston Cash Collection platform is one of the top 5 platforms available on the collection market today.

Appvizer’s review of Aston iTF:

Aston ITF is a complete dunning and collection platform. It promises to increase your cash flow by up to 50% and automate up to 80% of your invoice reminders.

Aimed at VSEs, SMEs, multinationals and banks, it offers different tariffs (and associated functionalities) that are adapted to each profile.

Features and benefits of Aston ITF

  • Powerful dashboards. We particularly appreciate the dashboard part of the software, which allows us to observe :
    • your performance and outstanding balances at different levels;
    • various indicators such as your DSO, your aged balance, your sales, your disputes, etc. ;
    • your cash flow forecast ;
    • the predictive scores of your customers.
  • Automated reminders. Save time with automated and personalized reminders. Adapt in a few clicks your scenarios, your email or mail templates as well as your customer portfolios.
  • Features for multinationals. If you operate in a multinational company, Aston ITF takes into account different countries, currencies and languages. In parallel, it integrates with many accounting and ERP software.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Create workflows to :
    • Improve collaboration, especially between finance and business departments;
    • to ensure traceability of your actions.
  • Online payment. Offer your customers the possibility to pay their bills directly online (by SEPA direct debit, credit card or bank transfer)… and get your payments faster!
  • Credit insurance. You can take out credit insurance to cover the risk of unpaid invoices, and then manage it simply from the platform (e.g. claims declaration).

Aston ITF is the promise of a significant increase in your cash flow and productivity. This is partly due to the power of its dashboards , which promise to carefully monitor a multitude of indicators, including your projected cash flow.

Special mention should also be made of its functionalities that take care of the needs of large subsidiaries: multi-country, languages and currencies, automation of factoring and credit insurance, etc.

The icing on the cake: the platform offers a 30-day free trial with no commitment.


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