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The best collection software in 2022

The best collection software in 2022

Why use a collection software? It is essential to use credit management and debt collection software to improve your company’s cash flow. It is also a tool that allows you to achieve excellent performance in debt collection and to manage disputes and the risk of non-payment.

Relevance and performance: the criteria for choosing your software

In order to choose the right collection software for your needs, you should check:

The features

It is essential to ensure that the software is appropriate for your needs: collection, customer risk management, dispute management and reporting. It is recommended to avoid software that does not allow for easy customization of dunning documents during mailing. It is important to know that collection is a qualitative profession and not just a robotic one.

Ease of set up and implementation

Your software must adapt to your internal accounting and CRM systems. Indeed, the quality of the solution is guaranteed by the flexibility of the data import module.

Availability of the tool

For users, the tool must be accessible 24 hours a day, especially for the most efficient. And for those that can be assimilated to real “gas factories”, the availability is at restricted hours, even less than 12 hours per day.

The speed of handling

The functionalities must be intuitive. What is the use of a software that is functionally powerful, but only 5% of its capabilities are used because of its complexity. It is always important to think about the users and therefore to take a step back from an attractive demo of the sales people.


When rates are down, it is advisable to take advantage of it. High prices do not always mean high quality.

Some traps to avoid

When the publisher requests highly standardized information files suitable for their format, if they have to be transmitted to their server at set times to be considered, this is a trap to avoid. Choose flexible and modern solutions.

Instead of getting carried away with features that won’t serve you, take the time to evaluate which ones your employees actually use. In order to distinguish themselves in the increasingly competitive tenders, publishers are racing to provide additional, and often unnecessary, functionality. This results in a not very intuitive and complex software, including curiously weaknesses on the essential functionalities.

If you base your choice of software on a high price, you are wrong. Indeed, in this sector of activity, quality and price are not linked. A software can be cheaper because it is more flexible, better thought out, and above all more efficient.

Choose a solution whose parameters are easy to control without having to contact the editor. A simple parameterization that can be done autonomously allows you to make changes free of charge and more quickly.

Credit management and debt collection are at the heart of the business relationship. Their management must therefore be carried out in a qualitative manner. There are solutions that only allow the sending of standard dunning documents that are complex to set up. When sent, they cannot be personalized. Therefore, robotic solutions do not improve performance.

To seduce, some publishers mask their old solution with an Artificial Intelligence note. In addition to software robotics, AI promotes automation and reduces the quality of work done in the profession or flexibility, as well as adaptability. AI is only appropriate when it facilitates study while preserving great flexibility for a user.

Selection of the best collection software :

Aston iTF

Aston iTF is a debt collection software, including dashboards, litigation management, and customer scoring.

Try it free for 30 days by clicking here or ask one of our sales representatives for a demo.

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