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Customer debt collection software – Cegid’s testimony

Why did you choose the dunning platform developed by Aston iTF?

Aston iTF is first of all a human partnership, it is an extremely accessible team, made up of highly skilled people. Highly skilled people but also very easy to reach. Communication and exchange are always spontaneous and constructive. Even when we have difficulties to face together, we do it in a very positive, concerted way and we always succeed and that’s why it’s a real pleasure to work with Aston iTF.

What do you think of the association between Aston iTF and the high level sport represented here by the Longines Masters?

We find the same values of proximity and exchange but also a lot of requirements: finally, through hard work nothing is left to chance, the smallest element has its importance, we work on these things together in a very relaxed, agile way. But it goes beyond agility, it’s open-mindedness and that’s what you find in high-level competitions. If you look at the Longines Masters and the top level riding you really see the attention to detail, the preparation and all the people who have a role to play, whatever that role may be, in the smooth running of the horse and rider’s work.

Thank you very much.

Stephen RAE, CFO Cegid, interviewed during the 2017 Longines Masters by Aston iTF

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